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Street Rome is a collection of photos taken around the city with my camera in hands, looking not for the perfect photo but for a moment of happiness and escape from thoughts of everyday life, through an immersion in the atmosphere of my eternal city.


A series of images resulting from my personal vision of the Roman reality, which have as their background the most representative places of Rome, and as protagonists the tourists and the Romans who crowd the streets and squares of the center. There are photos made of gazes, colors, but above all of happiness and wonder, in which there are many smiles and passionate kisses, everything that attracts my gaze and my thoughts.


This project started in February 2018, with a photo taken by chance, which depicts a man crossing a puddle near St. Peter Church. All this happened in years in which, for personal reasons, many anxieties and fears were released in me, making it difficult for me to do anything, to live. But over time, also helped by these moments of photographic evasion that led me to the realization of this project, I found the strength to get up and so I overcome part of my fears, starting without even realizing it to tell through photography what terrified me so much, the life.

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