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                                                                      Roma, 25-26/05/2022

 “I BRIVIDI MI VENGONO”                              

Sport makes dreams, and sometimes dreams come true. Thus, thousands of people from different districts of a big city come together to celebrate their colors, to rejoice in their passion, to experience a different day, which they will remember for their whole life.

What I saw in Rome in those days at the end of May I think represents what beauty can derive from sport. I saw faces filled with tears of joy, elderly people waving old faded flags, fathers and mothers cheering along with their children.

This is how sport manages to create a happy memory in our minds, which we can use to overcome the hardest moments of our life.

Likewise, the goal of my photography has always been to instill hope and happiness in a world that is increasingly full of anger, showing those little moments of absolute beauty and humanity that allow us to still have faith in life.