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My name is Vincenzo Scarantino, I am Sicilian and I have been living in Rome for several years as a student at Sapienza. I am a self-taught amateur photographer passionate about Street photography.


Since I was a child I have always had an attraction for photography, during family celebrations or holidays I photographed my family using disposable cameras or old compact cameras given to me by my relatives. But my love for photography materialized in 2016, in my third year of university, with the purchase of my first SLR.


Initially I started photographing to free my mind from thoughts, going out on the street in Rome or in the countryside of my Sicily, to portray everything that stimulated in me an emotion, a sense of freedom, up to a real interest in making images of everyday urban life and spontaneity, getting closer and closer to street photography.


I am currently working on the completion of my Street Rome project, waiting for the summer season to continue my work on Sicilian beaches.


Photo exhibition TEMPIO DEL FUTURO PERDUTO, Milan 10-16 October 2020.

Exhibition at Palazzo Marulana, Rome July 2021, on the occasion of the FREEDOM call of Rome Photography.

Winner of the Young Talent award of the OBSERVA 2021 contest organized by the association OLTRE LO SGUARDO.

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